Dr. Naomi Edelson is a clinical psychologist in Rockridge, Oakland with over ten years of experience providing individual and couples therapy and counseling. She specializes in treating stress and anxiety, chronic pain, job stress, and managing difficult life transitions. Her goal as a therapist is to create a safe, nurturing relationship that supports the emotional, psychological and physical well being of all her clients. She uses cognitive-behavioral therapy and mindfulness-based skills in order to support clients who are often looking to improve their relationships, manage stress, deal with difficult emotions or life transitions, process events in their past, manage chronic pain, and increase their work performance and ability to live meaningfully.

One of Dr. Edelson's passions is guiding people toward optimizing their mind-body connection to improve overall physical and mental health and well-being. She addresses psychological and biological factors that affect health using cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), as well as using mindfulness-based and acceptance-based therapies. She has an interest in helping people in stressful situations or jobs to achieve a good work-life balance by optimizing their psychological flexibility. 

Dr. Edelson works with individuals in a compassionate and empathic way, and believes that psychotherapy is a process that can help to enrich people's lives and give people tools to change maladaptive patterns. Please feel free to explore this website. If you decide her style and approach might work for you, feel free to contact for a free phone consultation.

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